Why the raw materials price is hike in ramadan month at Bangladesh???

Price is hike in Ramadan month at Bangladesh

I am Bangladeshi and live in Dhaka city. Dhaka is the central point for any kind of information because of it’s a capital of Bangladesh. Every morning or evening when I go to the market of raw materials then I can see this history. There is no restriction from the government to prevent those shopkeepers and president of that’s markets. The president’s and police are stay on there for take only subscription from there. But most of people of the Dhaka city are middle classes. Money is not only money to them. Sometimes for the some people money is the life for them. 

I and we are (who reading this blog) the middle classes people. If you are a high class’s boys or girls please leave this article. This article is not for the high class’s peoples because, the maximum high class’s families have a house or have a company or have a business or like something to manage their huge amount of money for controlled their family. So again saying this article is not for the rich or high classes peoples. 

Actually the price had been increasing by two reason. One reason is very important and others reason is coming from one #1. For the EID festival and #2. For their accommodated. I have says that the reason 2 is coming from the reason one.Why the raw materials price is hike in ramadan month at Bangladesh???

Analysis the reason one & two: The Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the attractive festival for the Muslim. The Bangladesh is a one kind of Muslim country. The Eid-ul-Fitr is comes after the Ramadan month. The Muslim people had been ready to accommodate to their families and neighbors within dress, invitation, zakat others festivals. For this a Muslim’s need a huge amount of money. 

For their money supply they are working hard and finding more and more money source. In this time the shopkeeper of the raw materials want to sell their product with more and more and the customers want to buy those more and more. At this moment the wholesaler’s take huge amount of products on theirs stoke.

In consequence of the stoke products by the wholesalers, shopkeeper’s can’t supply more than a certain amount. At the same time for control their customer the shopkeeper make change (hike) the price of almost raw materials and others products. After hike of the products the wholesaler now supplying their stoke gradually to the shopkeepers.

Who is the responsible for the hike price: I mean for hike price on raw materials and others products the shopkeepers is not responsible. So the main responsible for the hike price of raw and others products will be the stoke manager. Because if shopkeeper have no any products so what would they supply?

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