who is selfish? society or we?

Literature – Md. Saiful Islam Sohel: Who is selfish? society or we?

Statement: Before we thinking about it we need to think first time, who we are? and where we live? So here are two major question. Just take is simple.

Who we are?: We are a part of creature and it’s called human.
Where we live?: We are living within our family and neighbor in a society. There are also a lot of society in the whole world.

who is selfish? society or we?

Explanation: As a human we have a life and we need to manage it in discrete time several. In this time several we are facing of a society. Suppose I want to smoke as an example just. Now when I take it out of my home, then first time some person of our society hate me. After some days there are lot of person hate me. Why? do you thinking about it ever?

A man who create something, that can’t go on like sometimes his own. Now we know the society of us, we are the main creator of it’s. So society can’t go on like something his own! 🙂 . But he can manage our life and structure if we always connected with him. So the society is just a rule nothing others like somthing. He have no brain or mind to understand you or your life. But we are always thinking about our society. Is the society consider once about us? No and never!

Because, society was created/ being created/ will create by our forefather, us and our next generations, and all creator are also human!!!
“Now you can think make some better for the society but the society will not think something better for you”.

Md. Saiful Islam Sohel
12:32AM – 12:11:2015

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