Want to gain on youtube and google adsense? – Tips

Want to gain on youtube and google adsense? – Tips

Google and youtube adsense is the most popular earnings platform for the online. But the maximum people don’t know how to achive in google and youtube adsense. Today I will give you some important tips for the adsense.

What is adsense?
Adsense is a google advertising program, where are a lot of business man giving their ads on google and google are giving to us. This is not others things. If one person give 1$ to google for his ads so google give you 75% of 1$ to you. Google adsense basically two type:
1. Hosted adsense: Into the Blogsopt.com and youtube.com.
2. Non hosted adsense: example.com which is your own domain.

How do we get adsense?
If my website have at least 20 uniques article which article are not full similar to others, then we can apply to google for the adsense. But after you have goted this adsense you always have to be carefull. Because anytime google’s logical algorithm can deactivate your adsense account. But this is very simple carefulness mater. If you take this careness you will not be blocked by the google algorithm.

Careness of youtube adsense:

Careness of youtube adsense:

  • Never post a video which is already published by others anyone.
  • Never post a video which is produced by any others.
  • Don’t post a video which is tutorial about crack software installation. Because the owner of this software can be reported on your channel .
  • Don’t post any sexual video or pronography video.
  • Try to post a high definition quality videos.
  • Try to post a video which is created only by you and it’s have to be something creative.
  • Try to honest at all stages of google adsense. Because honesty can’t be destroy.
  • Don’t capture any video from the TV channel. Once time the video reporter can reported to your channel.

Careness of website adsense:
This is alternate careness of youtube adsense. Careness of youtube adsense

  • Never post something which is written by others.
  • Don’t copy paste –> any article, it’s very bed idea to achive google adsense for the logtime.
  • Don’t post any blogs within sexual content, because google sont support.
  • Please try to use some unique creative article


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