Use Google Now on your home screen Access all its features android tips

Google Now is a great free service to access essential, at-a-glance info. Better still, the app comes with its own widget that you can drag and place on your home screen. Go to your app launcher and tap on the Widgets tab, then scroll through the pages to the Google Now widget and then long-press it. Drag the widget to a free position on your home screen and then drop it into place.

Google Now is a great free service to access essential, at-a-glance info. Better still, the app comes with its own widget that you can drag and place on your home screen. Go to your app launcher and tap on the Widgets tab, then scroll through the pages to the Google Now widget and then long-press it. Drag the widget to a free position on your home screen and then drop it into place. Essential information that you need to know in order to get through your day – such as the weather and your latest share prices – will be displayed in a relatively unobtrusive window for you to cast your eye over. If you touch one of the panes displayed then you will instantly launch the full app and be able to read more information that Google handily sources for you.

Essential information that you need to know in order to get through your day – such as the weather and your latest share prices – will be displayed in a relatively unobtrusive window for you to
cast your eye over. If you touch one of the panes displayed then you will instantly launch the full app and be able to read more information that Google handily sources for you.

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