UI enhancements in Android 4.4 KitKat

Enhance messages with Emoji

A vast selection of new Japanese-style Emojis have been added to the messaging system in KitKat, which you can add to SMS, MMS and messages sent to your Google Hangouts contacts. Emojis are also available for Gmail messages.

KitKat prioritises your contacts
Make regular calls to the same people? When you tap the Phone button, Android will display a list of your most regularly called contacts. If you have photos added to your contacts list, it shouldn’t take you long to spot the person you want to call with a single tap. If the person you’re looking for is missing from the favourites, you can tap All contacts to browse your full address book.

Enhance messages

Create a new home screen
If you’ve run out of space with the existing home screens, you can quickly extend it  Get fi t with the step counter
Included in KitKat is the step detector and step sensor, two tools that enable fi tness apps to track walking, running and stair climbing. Several new apps have been developed to take advantage of this feature, including Runtastic Pedometer. and add apps and widgets to it. Do this by opening the app drawer, long-tapping the app you want to add as a shortcut, and holding it in place as the home screen appears. Drag the app shortcut to the very edge of the right-most home screen to add a new screen, and release to drop the app into place.

Edit the order of screens
With the option to create many home screens, you may want to change the order in which they are displayed. This can be easily done when adding a shortcut on some devices – instead of dragging the shortcut around, long tap one of the home screens and pull it into the preferred order. Get closed captioning Should you need closed captioning to help you use apps, this can be enabled in Settings>Accessibility> Captions. Language, text size and caption style can be configured.

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