Turn on HDR Enhance your pictures with HDR ANDROID TIPS

Another useful tip is to tap into one of the camera’s best features, HDR (high dynamic range), although this only available on certain devices.

Enhance your pictures with HDR

On the Nexus 5, for instance, you can activate this option via the circle icon (the one with the A inside). Shooting in HDR will effectively take three shots (transparent to the user) of the currently selected object at different exposure levels: one underexposed shot (everything is darker), one overexposed (where it’s lighter) and one properly exposed (in the middle). It then combines the best parts of these images into a single photo which should in turn bring out the most detail (ie shadows and highlights). Shot times are not as quick as standard shots, but we feel the results are worth it. You can view the result in your Gallery app.

Source: Android Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Volume 8 © 2014 Imagine Publishing Ltd
ISBN 978-1910155035

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