The SN75518 32-Bit VFD Driver Introduction

The most cost-effective driver for large displays with many anodes and grids is the SN75518. It is comprised of the same elements as the SN75512A, except it is 32 bits wide rather than only 12: a 32-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift register, 32 bits of parallel latches and 32 DMOS, totem-pole output stages capable of operation to 70 V (absolute maximum). The logical relationships of input Clocking, latch enable and output strobe are also identical to the SN75512A. However, the SN75518 has been designed for direct CMOS input compatibility with TTL signals requiring the addition of resistive pull-ups. Power dissipation cannot exceed the 1650 mW limit of the 40-pin plastic package.

Figure 8-62. SN75518 VFD Driver