Take a screenshot Save images of your screen android tips

Take a screenshot Save images of your screen

Take a screenshot Save images of your screen
All of your screenshots will be stored in the Gallery or Photos app on your device

There are many reasons why you’d want to take a screenshot of what is currently displayed on your device. It could be to boast about a high score in a game or simply to document a social network conversation. Whatever the reason, the process is usually straight forward. For example, on a Nexus 7 tablet, you have to hold down the sleep/ wake button and the volume-down button simultaneously. Do so and a second later you will hear a noise and see that the
current screen has been captured. If you see the volume controls appear, it means you have depressed one button too early, so concentrate on getting the timing right so as to press and hold both buttons at exactly the same time. All screenshots that you take will be stored in your Gallery and/or Photos app. Tap this and then look in the ‘Screenshot’
section to see what you have taken. These screens can be treated exactly the same as any other photo – long-press on one to bring up options to share and delete.


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