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Free download world’s best desktop brightness software

The ScreenBright has following feature

The best software in the world for brightness control of desktop is the ScreenBright.  Before download the ScreenBright see the following feature: Brightness control Contrast increasing and decreasing Color Luminance maintained Green control I have been using this software for my desktop PC since 2012. It’s best you may use this… …

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The best software in the world for take screenshot

The best software in the world for take screenshot name is lightshot.  Fast screenshot of selected area Share screenshots via Internet Similar image search Easy-to-use application Powerful editors Various Platforms You can take the screenshot by clicking “print screen sysrq” button.    You can take a customizable screenshot The best software …

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How To Block Websties Without Software, block websites


Steps: 1] Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc 2] Find the file named “HOSTS” 3] Open it in notepad 4] Under “ localhost” Add www.sitenameyouwantblocked.com , and that site will no longer be accessable. 5] Done! -So- localhost www.blockedsite.com –>www.blockedsite.com is now unaccessable<– For every site after that you want to …

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Creating New Devices on proteus-7.8

SOP18 packaging completed

Creating New Devices on proteus-7.8   If a part you need to use in your design is not present in the pre-supplied libraries you may need to create it yourself. Alternatively, you may wish to permanently adjust the properties or footprints of an existing component. This section of the documentation …

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English-Tutorial-7: MATRIX handling in MATLAB-2013a

English-Tutorial-7: MATRIX handling in MATLAB-2013a:       A matrix is a rectangular array of some numbers, which are provide by 3rd bracket []. There are 6 type of matrix in algebra.   Square matrix: If the number of rows and number of columns are same it’s called square matrix. …

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English-Tutorial-6: PLOTTING in MATLAB-2013a

PLOTTING in MATLAB-2013a:       Plotting: There are two type plot in MATLAB 2D and 3D. For more details about plotting please see http://www.mathworks.com. Now we will see some plotting system with MATLAB. For this go to MATLAB and open editor window in the same way. Now we will …

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English-Tutorial-4: Special Function in MATLAB-2013a

Special Function in MATLAB-2013a   When we input something like anything which already stored their memory and we get output something from that, it’s called function. There are two types of function: Built in function Manual function   Built in function: Built in function is a function which is provide …

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