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Multi-Sheet Designs on proteus-7.8

Sheet 2 of the dsPIC33 design

Multi-Sheet Designs on proteus-7.8   It is increasingly common in larger designs to split the schematic into multiple sheets. This serves both to reduce clutter on the schematic and also to organize the design into logical blocks. ISIS fully supports this methodology and we have arranged our tutorial design into two …

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Timesaving Techniques & Block Editing

proteus7.8 tutorial

Timesaving Techniques & Block Editing   Armed with all of the basic techniques we can now look at the other blocks of circuitry on the front sheet of the design, practice what we have covered so far and introduce a couple of new timesaving techniques. Let’s start by drawing the …

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Power Connections

Editing hidden power pins

Power Connections:   ISIS supports a powerful scheme for making power connections implicitly, thus vastly reducing the number of wires on the schematic. There are three main concepts involved that we will discuss in turn below. Hidden Power Pins Almost all relevant parts in ISIS have their power pins hidden …

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Making Connection with Terminals

Completed block of circuitry

Making Connection with Terminals:   The final thing we need to do to complete this block of circuitry is label the terminals. Terminal naming is extremely important as it denotes the connection to be made. We could name the terminals in any fashion we liked but sensible names make the …

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Wiring Up on proteus-7.8

24LC64 Circuitry

Wiring Up:   Having placed all the requisite components we now need to wire them together. There are three main techniques used to help make wiring a circuit as simple and quick as possible : Modeless Wiring There is no ‘wiring mode’ in ISIS – wires can be placed and …

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Placing Objects on the Schematic

Removing a selection area

Placing Objects on the Schematic: Having selected the parts we need the next thing is to actually place them on the drawing area – the Editing Window – and wire them together. You’ll notice from the screenshot that we have also split the contents of the schematic into logical blocks …

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Selecting Parts from the Library

Selecting Parts from the Library

Basic Schematic Entry: We’ll start the tutorial by familiarizing ourselves with the basics of schematic design; picking components from the libraries, placing them on the schematic and wiring them together. The design in question is relatively large and there is therefore a reasonable amount of drawing involved. We provide a …

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A Guided Tour of the ISIS Editor

Auto hide the Object Selector Device mode Icon

A Guided Tour of the ISIS Editor   We shall assume at this point that you have installed the package, and that the current directory is some convenient work area on your hard disk. To start the ISIS program, click on the Start button and select Programs, Proteus 7 Professional …

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