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Go incognito Browse in privacy ANDROID TIPS

Whenever you load a webpage, the details are synced to your Google account and saved in your browsing history. Furthermore, any sites you visit are able to track you through checking and creating cookies (small settings files). A way to avoid this is to use Chrome’s ‘Incognito mode’. An incognito tab does not load any existing cookies, is not synchronised to your Google account, and does not save websites to your browsing history. To open an incognito tab, open Chrome’s menu and select the ‘New incognito tab’ option. Incognito tabs can be accessed and closed just like regular tabs.

Whenever you load a webpage, the details are synced to your Google account and saved in your browsing history. Furthermore, any sites you visit are able to track you through checking and creating cookies (small settings files). A way to avoid this is to use Chrome’s ‘Incognito mode’. An incognito tab does not load any existing cookies, is not synchronised to your Google account, and …

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