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A short description of “Cost 231 & Hata Model”

A short description of "Cost 231 & Hata Model"

Cost 231 & Hata Model This model is a combination of empirical and deterministic models for estimating the path loss in an urban area over the frequency range of 800 MHz to 2000 MHz. The model is used primarily in Europe for the GSM 1800 system. #Ref book: Wireless Communication and Networking – …

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A short description about “Hata and Okumura Model”

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Hata and Okumura Model Okumura analyzed path-loss characteristics based on a large amount of experimental data collected around Tokyo, Japan. He selected propagation path conditions and obtained the average path-loss curves under flat urban areas. Then he applied several correction factors for other propagation conditions, such as: Antenna height and carrier frequency Suburban, …

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