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Make Your Pc Faster, Guaranteed

Make Your Pc Faster

Make Your Pc Faster, Guaranteed 1. First, run a scandisk or checkdisk. Let Windows fix any errors. 2. Run a disk cleanup utility…this will flush your temporary internet folder, trash can, temp system files, etc. 3. Delete any garbage files or data…if possible, run a Duplicate File Finder program. 4. …

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Doom 3 Speed Up, Guaranteed 40% better

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***NOTE*** THIS ONLY WORKS FOR ATI CARDS First, open your doom3\base folder. Doubleclick on the pak000.pk4 file. In the “window can’t open this file .. .bla bla” dialog, go on and associate the file with an app like WinRar. With this file open in WinRar, go to the glprogs directory …

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