Straighten Crooked Scans Tut-12

1) Open a file with multiple scans.
2) Click File Automate
3) Click Crop and Straighten Photos.  A Progress bar appears as Photoshop separates and crops each image in the file.  Each image is opened in its own window.
4) Click Window.
5) Click Arrange.
6) Click Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically.  Photoshop arranges the original scan and all the separate images on the screen. Click the Maximize button to view each image at full size.

Create a PDF Slide Show Presentation
1) Open the images you want to use.
2) Click File > Automate > PDF Presentation
3) In the PDF Presentation dialog, click the Add Open Files check box.  A list of open files appears in the window.
4) In Output Options, select the Presentation option.
5) Click Loop after Last Page.
6) Click the Transition up-down arrow and select a transition style.
7) Click Save. The Save dialog appears.
8) Type a name for the PDF slide show.
9) Click Save.  The Save Adobe PDF dialog appears.
10) Click the Adobe PDF Preset up-down arrow and select Smallest File Size.
11) Click the View PDF After Saving check box.
12) Click Save PDF.  Photoshop creates the PDF file, and launches Acrobat or Adobe Reader.  The PDF slide show begins.  You can press Esc to end the slide show.


Thanks, #2007 MBEA Summer Conference

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