Maximize Your Images with Minimal Visible Loss

1) In a photo that you want to enlarge, click Image.
2) Click Image Size. The Image Size dialog appears showing the current size of the opened image. Make sure the Resample Image check box is selected.
3) Double click in the Width box to highlight all the numbers.
4) Type the desired width for the final printed image. The height automatically adjusts
5) Type 360 in the Resolution box.
6) Click the Resample Image up-down arrow.
Maximize Your Images
7) Select Bicubic Sharper from the pop-up menu.
8) Click OK.  A Progress bar appears as the Photoshop processes the enlargement.  The
enlarged photo will then appear.  Check the file size in the window frame.
9) Click View.
10) Click Rulers to turn the rulers on and see the new dimensions.


Duplicate the Background Layer

Duplicating the Background layer allows you to work on the image without altering the original. Working on a duplicated Background layer also makes it easy to continuously compare images.

1) Open image
2) In the Layers palette, click and drag the background layer thumbnail over the New Layer icon and release the mouse. Photoshop places a duplicated Background layer above the original.
3) Double click the Background copy name to highlight it.
4) Type a new name
5) Click the Visibility icon next to the original Background layer. The icon disappears
but the image on the screendoes not change.
Duplicate the Background Layer


Improve an Underexposed Photo – Too Dark

1) Click and drag the Background layer over the New Layer icon to duplicate it.
2) Click the blend mode up-down arrow and select Screen.  The photo should appear lighter.  NOTE: The photo may look fine this way or you may need to add another layer and change it as in Steps 3 and 4.
3) Click and drag the Background copy layer over the New Layer icon to duplicate the copy.
4) Click the Opacity down arrow and drag the slider to the left to change the opacity of the top layer.

Improve an Underexposed Photo – Too Dark

Improve an Underexposed Photo – Too Dark2-1

Thanks, #2007 MBEA Summer Conference

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