What is a Spreadsheet? Max Ms-Excel 2010 – 1

**** Open Microsoft Excel

Either double click on the short cut which looks like this.

What is a Spreadsheet

Or you can open it from the start button on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

What is a Spreadsheet2

**** When you open Excel it will look like this.

What is a Spreadsheet3

**** The main area is called the Worksheet. You can see it has been divided into a grid with
columns and rows. Each box is called a Cell.

**** The rows go across the worksheet and are labelled as numbers. The columns are vertical
and are labelled as letters.

**** The active cell is the one highlighted and is called A1, as it is in column A and in row 1.

What is a Spreadsheet4

**** You can see the name of the active cell in the white box above the

What is a Spreadsheet5

**** The workbook contains blank worksheets named Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 etc. You can see
the name of these on the tabs at the bottom of your worksheet.

What is a Spreadsheet6

**** Use your left button on your mouse to click in any other cell.

**** Use the arrow keys to go up, down, left, or right.

What is a Spreadsheet7

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