Sound Pollution Explained – A Harmful Effect for the Human

Sound is a publisher of a frequency. If there had no sound in the planet so, the planet would not have in the solar system!!! Why? Come on interjected. Every particle & substance are made with huge amount of nucleus. The nucleus have electron, proton and neutron. So while the existence of a substance the electrons are moving always. From the characteristics of the electron a small amount of frequency are generating from every substance. We know sound is a publisher of a frequency so, in the world and world’s every materials have a sound. We can say now the planets have a sound and there is no place in the planet without sound.

This sound is very necessary for every planet and fauna. Sounds we are listening when a frequency coming by a medium. Every medium have each performance for navigate any frequency. The velocity of sound in dry air is 343.2 meter per second again the velocity of sound in water is 1482 meter per second in 20 degree Celsius. So the velocity of frequency is not same in every medium.

The frequency of any substance always coming to our ear by a medium. We have also a sensor to take feeling that’s frequency. After feel it we have called it’s a sound. If we can’t feel a frequency which are frequently coming from all of substance beside us so, we never called them that a sound. So our ear have a maximum and minimum range to do sensing that’s frequency and take feel. Every creature have a specific range for sensing the frequency. Human’s frequency sensing abilities, minimum range is considered 20 Hz and, maximum range is considered as a 20,000Hz.

Sound Pollution Explained - A Harmful Effect for the Human

If the frequency have come to our ear within the range below the 20 Hz, then we can’t feel it. Again if the frequency have come to our ear within the range above the 20000 Hz, then also we can’t feel it properly. It would be a noise and boring. For the human the frequency above the 20000 Hz is called sound pollution.

In this new generation the science have been updating everyday within theoretically and practically. The scientist have been making new instrument everyday for make easier our daily life. They are making new mechanical instrument that’s big and more than big. Like industrial generator, bus, track, horn, etc. This types of mechanical instruments generate frequencies more than 20000 Hz that’s noise for us. Now a day’s sound pollution is occurring around us constantly.

Harmful Effect of Sound Pollution for the Human

  1. Harmful effect for the any kind of patients.
  2. Can be damage our ear sensor quickly.
  3. Damage our mood by this effect.
  4. Can be a patient by this effect.
  5. Etc… the doctor could say.

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