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In the Phone app, tap on the box labelled ‘Search contacts & nearby places’. Rather than typing the name of a contact, type the name of a business you wish to call. Web search results will begin to appear under the ‘Nearby places’ heading in the search results (as long as you have a working internet connection). These Google search results are listed in order of geographical proximity.

In the Phone app, tap on the box labelled ‘Search contacts & nearby places’. Rather than typing the name of a contact, type the name of a business you wish to call. Web search results will begin to appear under the ‘Nearby places’ heading in the search results (as long as you have a working internet connection). These Google search results are listed in order of geographical proximity. You may also attempt to type the general type of business you’re looking for, but the results will not be as accurate. Because this feature prioritises local businesses, it is required that your phone’s location services are enabled. If Nearby Places are still not showing up, go to the Settings menu of the Phone app, tap Nearby Places and set the switch to On.

You may also attempt to type the general type of business you’re looking for, but the results will not be as accurate. Because this feature prioritises local businesses, it is required that your phone’s location services are enabled. If Nearby Places are still not showing up, go to the Settings
menu of the Phone app, tap Nearby Places and set the switch to On.

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