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If you need to find information from an email, the Email app’s search function looks for email addresses and message contents. To search, tap the magnifying glass icon on the top row of the Email app. This will open a search box. The Email app will provide predictions of what you may be searching for as you continue to type. If you are entering an email address, Email will find matching addresses based on who you have received emails from. Selecting one of these will find all emails from that address.

Search your inbox with the Email app
Search your inbox with the Email app

If you enter general text, Email will return all emails that contain that text. However, it should be noted that the search function of the Email app is limited to messages stored
in the account’s inbox, whether you are searching for email addresses or general text. Therefore, to perform a much more in-depth search of your email, you will need to resort to using web-based clients (such as Gmail or Outlook) or desktop computer software (eg Thunderbird).

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