Friday , August 23 2019

Run some specific softwares when windows starts for win – 7,8.1,10

Step 1: First of all terminate the unwanted startup software and run a specific software when your windows starts. This feature is for all kind of windows OS. Just follow this steps.

Go to the (C:) drive and click to show hidden items. See image…

click to show hidden items

Now go to the “ProgramData>>Microsoft>>Windows>>Start Menu>>Programs>>Startup” now you should see your startup programs shortcut here. Now copy a shortcut of any software from desktop or anywhere and paste to those folder. Your job is done.


Step 2

Now type “shell:common startup” on the comment box of run and click ok. Now the startup folder will be open startup on run box

Work is finished….

Have a trouble??? Please see this video of this tutorial


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