JSC/JDC English Exam Marks Distribution 2020 Download PDF

JSC and JDC Exam Marks Distribution from 2018 to 2020 of English. Dear Examine, Welcome to download your Exam Marks Distribution from here. JSC/ JDC Examine will get all Boards Exam Marks Distribution of English List, Creative query Mark, Objective (MCQ) Question Mark and Practical Mark List for the English. The statistics we are presenting right here are directly collecting from the Ministry of Education, Education Board Bangladesh, and National Curriculum & Textbook Board. So, download this and get an Idea about your Exam Marks Distribution 2019-2020. We hope it will assist you to make better on JSC/ JDC Result 2020.

JSC/ JDC English Full Marks Distribution From 2018-2020 Version pdf

Here you can download the Full Marks Distributions of the JSC/ JDC Exam 2018-2020 which very Important for an Examine. If a pupil studies with their Question Pattern from early, they will make a Brilliant Result on Exam. Its complete download pdf Exam Marks Distribution of English. Maximum Students download it for exam preparation. So, finally, we can suppose that they don’t have any coaching to make a true result. Here is the Image and PDF Version of the JSC/ JDC Exam Marks Distribution we have added for you. You can effortlessly study it from here or save the Image on your Phone or PC for studying later. You can also download the JSC/ JDC Marks Distribution 2018-2020 PDF Version. It’s on hand below. So, let’s download it from below.

Revised Marks Distribution for JSC/JDC Examination from2018
Subject: English
Total marks 100
Part A: Seen part (20)

Test item: Item-wise marks
Reading (MCQ): 7 (1X7)
Gap filling (without clues): 5
Short answer questions: 8 (2X4)

For load minimising the following chapters will be excluded from the syllabus:
--> English for Today based paper 1: Unit 3, Unit 4, and Unit 8
Grammar and composition based paper 2
--> Grammar items: Degree of comparison, gerund and participle, modals, linking words
Summary writing, completing story

JSC/JDC English Exam Marks Distribution 2020 Download PDF

Direct Download PDF

JSC/ JDC Suggestion 2019-2020 Question Pattern Download

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