Remove a Colorcast Tut-6

Remove a Colorcast
1) Click and drag the Background layer over the New Layer icon to duplicate it.
2) Click Image.
3) Click Adjustments.
4) Click Match Color.  When the Match Color dialog appears, move it to the side so you can see your image.
5) Click the Neutralize check box to remove the colorcast.
6) Click and drag the Fade slider slowly to the right to reduce the effect.
7) Click and drag the Color Intensity to the right to increase the color range if  necessary.
8) Click OK to apply the change.
9) Click the Opacity expand arrow on the Layers palette and drag the slider to adjust the overall effect.
Remove a Colorcast

Remove a Colorcast



Remove a Colorcast


Remove a Colorcast

Thanks, #2007 MBEA Summer Conference

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