Release Codes, Read, and Learn…

0-Day – Release of the same day;
0-Sec – Instant release;
AC3 – Audio Coding 3, audio codec, usually 5.1 audio channels;
AFFiLS – Websites affiliated to the groups, where they put the releases;
ANiME – Release of a anime movie;
ASF – Advanced Streaming Format, audio/video compression codec based in MPEG-4;
CE – Classical Edition, of a original movie;
CLSC – Classical release;
COLOUR EDiTiON – Release of a movie with edit in color level;
COURiER – Dumper/racer of a groups, has the job of distribute the releases through websites;
CUT/CUTED – Partial release of a movie;
DC – Director’s Cute, release of a movie with selections of the director’s;
DSYNCH – Not synchronized;
DiRFiX – Fix of a release name;
DiVX – Division X, compression video codec;
DOWNSAMPLED – Manipulation of the video/audio format because of low bitrates;
DUBBED – Movie with double language (original one or other);
DUMP – Release transfer;
DUMPER – Who makes the dumps;
DUPE – Doubled release;
DVDR – Release format fot a complete DVD or Downsampled;
DVDRiP – Rip which source is the original DVD;
DVDSCR/DVDSCREENER – Rip which source is a pre-release DVD.
FiX – Correction for something;
FS – Full screen, resolution 4:3;
FTP – File Transfer Protocol, way of transfer files;
FXP – File eXchange Protocol, way of share data through FTP;
GRP.RQT – Group Request, request of a new release because some other is nuked;
iNT, iNTERNAL – Internal release group, doesn’t count for release races;
LDRiP – Rip which source is a laser disc;
LiMiTED – Release of a limited movie (in some theaters);
NTSC – National Television System Committe, video stream system of South America and east Asia;
NUKED – Bad release, release with problems;
PAL – Phase Altering Line, stream video system of Europe;
PROPER – Good release, substitutes a nuked release;
PROMO – Promotional;
REPACK – Repacked released;
RETAiL – Rip which source is a commercial DVD;
SRT – Sequense Real Time, text subtitles format;
SUB – Text subtitles format;
SYNCFiX – Synchronization fix;
TS – Theather screener, movie recorded in theathers;
VCD – Video Compact Disc, distibution of MPEG content;
VCDRiP – Rip which source is a VCD;
VHSRiP – Rip which source is a VHS
WS – Wide Screen, resolution 16:9
XViD – Video compression codec based in MPEG-4
XXX – Porn release;

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