Proteus-7.8 Overview

Proteus-7.8 Overview

The aim of this tutorial is to take you through the process of entering a circuit of modest complexity in order to familiarise you with the techniques required to drive ISIS. The tutorial starts with the easiest topics such as placing and wiring up components, and then moves on to make use of the more sophisticated editing facilities, such as creating new library parts.

For those who want to see something quickly, DSPIC33_REC.DSN contains the completed tutorial circuit. This and other sample designs are installed to the SAMPLES directory (under the TUTORIALS subdirectory).

Note that throughout this tutorial (and the documentation as a whole) reference is made to keyboard shortcuts as a method of executing specific commands. The shortcuts specified are the default or system keyboard accelerators as provided when the software is shipped to you. Please be aware that if you have configured your own keyboard accelerators the shortcuts mentioned may not be valid. Information on configuring your own keyboard shortcuts can be found in the General Concepts section of the Documentation.

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