Pie Charts Max Ms-Excel 2010 – 6

You are going to draw a pie chart showing the number of different kinds of song birds in just 1996.

*** Open the spreadsheet Song Birds.

Pie Charts

*** Click in cell A5 and drag down to A13.

Pie Charts2

*** Hold down the Ctrl button.

*** Click on cell C5 and drag down to C13.

Pie Charts3

*** Click on the Insert tab.

*** Click on the Chart button.

Pie Charts4

*** Select the first type of pie chart. You can you can experiment with other types of chart later.

Excel will create your pie chart. We are going to edit it to make is clearer what the chart shows.

Pie Charts5

*** This first thing we are going to do is give the chart a title. Select the pie chart.

*** You will now see the chart tabs appear at the top ribbon. Select the layout tab.

Pie Charts6

*** Click on Chart title. Select Above Chart, as that is where we want the chart title to appear.

Pie Charts7

*** Select the text box.

Pie Charts8

*** Type Song birds 2012

Pie Charts9

At the moment there are no data labels

*** Click on the Design Tab on the ribbon at the top.

Pie Charts10

*** Select the layout with the % sign on the pie chart and the labels to the right of the pie chart.

Pie Charts11

You will see that the Chart now has a title and labels to make it very clear. However the work sheet looks messy with the two charts on it.

Pie Charts12

*** Select the chart background area to make the chart tabs appear.

Pie Charts13

*** Click on Move Chart, a new window will appear.

Pie Charts14

*** Select New Sheet, and type in “Song Birds 2012” to give the sheet a title.

Pie Charts15

*** Click on OK. You will now see a tab at the bottom of your spreadsheet has been created for the pie chart.

If you want to move it back to be an object in the spreadsheet just do the reverse. This view may be the best to use if you want to print it out.

Pie Charts16

*** Click on the tab Sheet 1. This will let you go back to Sheet 1 to see the data and first chart.

Pie Charts17

*** Save your spreadsheet.



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