Photo-Filled Text Tut-8

1) Open a photograph, and click the Type tool.
2) Select the Font family, style, and size in the
Options bar.
3) Click in the image and type the text.
4) Press and hold Ctrl.
5) Click and drag the transformation anchors to
stretch the type.
6) Click the Commit button in the Options bar.
7) Click and drag the Background layer over the
New Layer icon to duplicate it.
8) Click and drag the Background Copy layer
above the Type layer.
9) Click Layer.
Photo-Filled Text
10) Click Create Clipping Mask.  The Background Copy layer is indented with an arrow in the Layers palette but the image does not change.
11) Click the New Layer icon in the Layers palette to create a new blank layer named Layer
12) Click and drag the new blank layer below the Type layer.
13) Press D to reset the default colors.
14) Click (Ctrl + Backspace) to fill the layer with white.  The photo fills the letters on a white background.
15) Click the Move tool.
16) Click the Background Copy layer.
17) Click and drag in the image to move the photo into position inside the letters.



Photo-Filled Text


Photo-Filled Text

ToPhoto-Filled Text

Thanks, #2007 MBEA Summer Conference

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