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OrCAD PSPICE english tutorial

OrCAD PSPICE english tutorial

This OrCAD PSPICE english tutorial is fully collected from the PSPICE Seminar / DeVry KC – Spring 2002. This tutorial is very easy for a begineer students, for any contact use: saifbd3@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/Saifulislam.diu

Introduction to OrCAD PSPICE

1-Introduction to OrCAD PSPICE

SOURCE l ibrary

2-OrCAD PSPICE – DC Static Analysis Example

 Debugging PSPICE Simulation

3-OrCAD PSPICE – Debugging PSPICE Simulation Errors

 Transient Analysis

4-OrCAD PSPICE – Transient Analysis

 dBV units


 simulation profile

6-OrCAD PSPICE – DC Parametric Sweeps

 OrCAD PSPICE  7-OrCAD PSPICE – Compliance Evaluation
sweep on this profile 8-OrCAD PSPICE – Frequency Response of the Amplifier

#PSPICE Seminar / DeVry KC – Spring 2002

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