OrCAD PSPICE – Debugging PSPICE Simulation Errors

Debugging PSPICE Simulation Errors

Sooner or later (probably sooner), you’ll get a nasty error message from the simulator. Because this program uses a PSPICE core to do the actual work, you need to be able to locate and decipher the actual error within the OUTPUT file, then correct it in your circuit.

1. Let’s “break” the circuit. Delete one of the conductors and press F11 to run the simulation again.  I broke mine like this:

Debugging PSPICE SimulationDepending on how your version of PSPICE is configured, you’ll get either a dialog box with an error, or a full screen dump of the output file, which shows the error.
If you don’t get the output file, select “View Output” from the PSPICE menu to see it. It might look like this:

Node N00812 belongs to R1

2. You can see the ERROR. At node N00812 there’s a problem. By looking at the netlist portion of the listing, you can see that node N00812 is associated with R1.

#PSPICE Seminar / DeVry KC – Spring 2002

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