OrCAD PSPICE – DC Static Analysis Example

DC Static Analysis Example

1. Start OrCAD Lite as shown below:

Start OrCAD LiteNote that the only program you need to start is “Capture Lite Edition.” The other
programs will run automatically as they’re needed.

2. Click the “Create Document” button on the toolbar.

Create Document3. The following dialog will appear. Fill in the information as shown.

New project

4. The following dialog will appear:

Creat blank project

Choose “Create a blank project” and click OK.
5. The schematic editor will open. Enter the following schematic into the program:

schematicNote the following:
• Parts are placed by SHIFT-P
• The voltage source is called “VDC” in the parts library
• The resistors are called “R”
• The ground is obtained by clicking the ground button
and choosing part “0/SOURCE.”


SOURCE l ibrary6. Create a new simulation profile for the circuit  by going to the PSPICE menu and choosing
“New Simulation Profile” as shown:

new simulation profilenew simulation profile

You can have multiple profiles for a given project. This allows you to analyze a circuit in
different ways without having to change settings back and forth.

7. Click the toolbar buttons for displaying the bias-point voltages and currents so that they
are depressed.

toolbar8. Press F11 to run the simulation. (This is the same as going to the PSPICE menu and
choosing Run). The screen will show the DC voltages and currents directly on the

#PSPICE Seminar / DeVry KC – Spring 2002

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