OrCAD PSPICE – Compliance Evaluation

Compliance Evaluation:


To perform a compliance test of an amplifier, we gradually increase the input signal
amplitude until clipping is observed at the amplifier output. We can “sweep” the VSIN
amplitude in our circuit to achieve this.

1. Create a new simulation profile called “Compliance Test.” Inherit the profile from the
original profile in your project.

2. Modify the simulation profile to look like this:

simulation profile

To set this up, first click on the checkbox by “Parametric Sweep” in the Options window.
Then fill in the fields on the right as shown.

3. Add a part called “PARAM” to the schematic page. Double-click the PARAM block body
and add a field called “VIN.” Set the value of VIN to 0.1 V (for static analysis) and turn
its display on.

4. Modify the signal source VAMP parameter to be “{VIN}”, which will cause the signal
source amplitude to ramp up in step with the parametric sweep.

5. Run the simulation. You’ll now see a family of curves for Vin and Vout. You can now tell
when the amplifier will clip.


#PSPICE Seminar / DeVry KC – Spring 2002

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