Multichannel Display and Driver Using SN75491 SN75491A SN75492 & SN75492A

Although the multichannel drivers shown here were designed specifically for driving light emitting diodes, they are basically Darlington transistor drivers and as such they have many other uses. The circuits shown in Figure 8-10 through 8-17 are examples of the variety of applications that may be implemented with these devices.

Figure 8-10. Quad or Hex Relay Driver
Figure 8-11. Quad or Hex Lamp Driver
Figure 8-12. Quad or Hex High-Current P-N-P Transistor Driver
Figure 8-13. Base/Emitter Select N-P-N Transistor
Figure 8-14. MOS to TTL Level Shifter
Figure 8-15. Quad High-Current N-P-N Transistor Driver
Figure 8-16. Strobed NOR Driver
Figure 8-17. SN75491/SN75491A Used as an Interface Circuit Between the Balanced 30-MHz Output of an RF Amplifier and a Coaxial Cable