Moving and Copying Max Ms-Excel 2010 – Final

This is the final tutorial of Max Ms-Excel 2010

Now that we have collected all the data for the group on your data collection Form. You need to enter it onto your Spreadsheet to analyse.
*** Open the measurements Spreadsheet and make sure your Fruit and Veg sheet is selected.
*** Enter all the data collected.

Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bob Harriso 4 4 4 4 1
Hussen Petti 6 3 5 1 5
Sophie Cornis 2 2 5 2 4
Joe Girar 1 4 2 6 3
Kerry Reeve 6 2 3 4 3
Steve Jobs 5 1 5 3 2
David Rice 5 2 3 3 1


Your spreadsheet should look like this now;

Moving and Copying


Copying formula from another sheet
You have already entered Formula for the total, Average, Maximum and Minimum on your Measurements worksheet. You can copy the formula onto the Fruit and Veg worksheet.
*** Click on the Measurements worksheet.

*** Select Cells B12 to B18

Moving and Copying2

*** Click on the copy button

Moving and Copying3

*** Click on the Fruit and Veg sheet tab

*** Click in cell B14 on the Fruit and Veg sheet.

Moving and Copying4

*** Click the paste button and notice the new values.

Moving and Copying5

*** Copying using the Fill handle
In the last chapter you used the Fill handle to fill in the days of the week. Excel entered the days of the week from Tuesday to Friday automatically. This fill handle can also be used to quickly copy test, numbers and formula. You can copy them into adjacent cells, instead of using the copy and paste button.
*** Make sure cells B14 to B20 are selected.

Moving and Copying6

*** Drag the fill handle from the bottom right-hand corner of cell B20 across to cell F20

Moving and Copying7

*** It should now look like this

Moving and Copying8

If you make a mistake and it goes wrong, use the undo button and try again. The pointer should be a cross, not an arrow when you drag the Fill handle.

Moving and Copying9


Moving cell contents

Now you are going to move some cells in Row 3
*** Click in cell D3

*** Drag its left hand border to cell C3

Moving and Copying10

*** Select F3 and G3. Drag the left hand-border of F3 to cell E3 to move your name.

Moving and Copying11

Using the shortcut menu to copy and paste
As part of the data analysis it would be useful to find out the average number of fruit and vegetables
eaten by each member of the group.

*** Right click cell A16.
*** Select copy
*** Right click cell G5
*** Select Paste

Moving and Copying12

*** Make the heading AVERAGE bold and right-align it. You may need to widen the columns a little and put a border around the cells in column G.

*** Select column headers B to G.
*** Drag the boundary between the column headers D and E. Make them wide enough to hold the longest day WEDNESDAY.
*** Use the borders tool to put borders around the cells in column G.

Moving and Copying13

Entering the formula for Average

*** Click in cell G6
*** Type =average(
*** Drag across cells B6 to F6.
*** Type ) and press Enter.
*** Click in cell G6 and drag the Fill handle down to cell G12 to copy the formula to the other cells.
*** Copy the formula from F18 to G18 and from F20 to G20

Moving and Copying14

*** Save your spreadsheet.

Printing the Results.

*** Click on the File tab and select Print.

You will be able to see the Print preview. You may not be able to see all of the worksheet. If you need to change the print area, you will need to;

*** Click on the Page Layout Tab.
*** Highlight all the cells from A1 to G20.

Moving and Copying15

*** Select the Print area button on the ribbon.
*** Select Set Print Area from the menu that will appear.
*** Now click on the file tab and select the print option to view the print preview.
*** Save and close the Spreadsheet.

Well done – you now have cracked the basics of a Microsoft Excel 2010. 🙂



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