Mega menu is not working on sahifa wordpress theme

Some people can’t enable mega menu on sahifa wordpress theme. Mega Menu is the super famous menu for the sahifa theme. It’s not manual plugin. It’s a building plugin on the sahifa theme.

Why this error?: If you are using “Ultimate Member” plugin on your site this error will be occurring. But don’t worry there is a way to solve it. Go to the “Ultimate Member” plugin settings and “Advanced”. Now by clicking the “on” button disable the “Disable Nav Menu Settings”.

enable mega menu on sahifa wordpress theme

Now go to the “Appearance>>Menu>>” and select one category which have some sub categories and enable mega menu by the following screenshot below.

enable mega menu on sahifa wordpress theme

You can also set a background image. After enabling your mega menu now it’s will show as the screenshot below.

mega menu on sahifa theme

Thanks for reading. If getting this problem all time so please comment.

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