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Madhumalati Dake Ay bangla song original lyrics and mp3 free download

There are many people are finding the original lyrics of Madhumalati Dake Ay bangla song. I just collected this lyrics and finished writing with the original banglish lyrics. You can solve it anytime by contacting us from the bellows form.

Title: Madhumalati Dake Ay bangla song
Vocal: Sandhya Mukhopadhyay

Modhu Maloti Daake Aay
Fulo-faguner e khelay.. [x2]
Juthi kamini oto kothay
Juthi kamini oto kothay
Gopone bole moloya..
Modhu Maloti Dake Aay

Chapa bone olir shone aaj
lukochuri go lukochuri
Alo bhora kalor chokhe
ki madhuri go ki madhuri

Mono chahe je dhora dite
Mono chahe je dhora dite
Tobu se laaje shore jay…
Madhu Maloti Dake Aay

Mala hoye prane momo
ke joralo ke joralo
Fulo-renur modhu baye
ke jhoralo go ke jhoralo

Jani jani ke mor hiya
Jani jani ke mor hiya
Rangalo ranga kamonay..

Modhu Maloti Daake Aay
Fulo-faguner e khelay..
Madhu Malati Dake Aay

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