Lock your device How to remotely secure your phone ANDROID TIPS

If you lose your device, a good idea is to lock the screen so anyone who finds it can’t access your data. After setting up the Lock & Erase feature, a new Lock option will appear on the map screen. Tap this and you will be able to set a new password to lock your device remotely. Enter and confirm the

Enter and confirm the new password and add a recovery message, if desired. When you have finished, tap on the Lock button and the device that you are trying to locate will be remotely locked and only the new password that you have just set will be able to unlock it again.

new password and add a recovery message, if desired. When you have finished, tap on the Lock button and the device that you are trying to locate will be remotely locked and only the new password that you have just set will be able to unlock it again.

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