Life is our suspended action

Life is our suspended action…

Look at the title of this article, it’s have a color and it’s red. Why it’s red? Because of you have seen it right? If you can’t see it so what would it happened? It’s have no color. No one in the world who will guide you or teach you to understood it’s color. At this moment you will not have any feelings about the color. If you have no feelings about the color so, the colors also might not be have any feelings about you. So what’s the result between you and the colors? Calculate it now by the motions 3rd law of newton…

Section:1 – You have the ability to see the color…
“You have some feelings about the color” = Positive (+)
“The Color have some feelings about you” = Positive (+)
Output = Positive (+)…

Section:2 – You have no ability to see the color…
“You have no any feelings about colors” it’s = Negative (-)
“Color’s have not feelings about you” it’s = Also Negative (-)
Output = Positive (+)

So where did it come the matter? Simply your decision is the best and supper best decision, also your work is best and supper best work in any kind of environment. Please be able to do help and be able to do suffer humiliation. Remember it, happiness is on your mind. Thank you sir….

Md. Saiful Islam Shohel
Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 11:38 PM

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