Introduction to OrCAD PSPICE

Introduction to OrCAD PSPICE


1. All circuits must have a reference node. In PSPICE, this node is usually marked with the
number “0.”  Note: The conventional OrCAD ground symbol is not appropriate for
PSPICE simulation.

This is a proper ground2. All component leads must be connected. Unconnected wires and leads will cause the
simulation to fail.

3. All components must have a value. The following suffixes are used to modify values:

components must have a valueCaution: Note that “m” and “M” mean milli to PSPICE, not meg!

4. All components must have a unique designator. For example, there can’t be two instances
of a component reference “R1” within the same circuit.

5. There must be no space between a number value and its modifying suffix. For example,
the value “1 k” for a resistor or “1 V” for a voltage source will cause an error.

The correct way of specifying these parts is “1k” and “1V” (upper and lower case make no


#PSPICE Seminar / DeVry KC – Spring 2002

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