Get the very best from Android’s core apps by working with their advanced functions

16 Home screen
Personalise the look of your home screen and improve the user experience
18 Settings
Tweak your device’s inner workings to make it more efficient
20 Device Manager
Find a lost phone or tablet with the Android Device Manager app
22 Clock
Set an alarm, start a timer, and explore the date and time options available
24 People
Store, organise and add details for all the contacts on your device
26 Phone
Get more from this fundamental part of the Android experience
28 Messages
Send SMSs, share images with contacts, and discover new messaging functions
30 Mail
Find out how to optimise the email experience on your phone or tablet
32 Gmail
Google’s email solution provides a great alternative to the stock Mail app
34 Chrome
Discover Google’s celebrated browser for
mobile devices


36 Google Now
An integral part of the Android UI, Google
Now has plenty to offer
38 Google Calendar
Organise your life and invite friends to
events through the Calendar app
40 Camera
A major selling point of smartphones, the
Camera app is a highly powerful tool
42 Photos
Edit your images and share straight to
Google+ with the Photos app
44 Music Player
Listen to music on the go, create playlists,
and tweak the EQ
46 Google Play
Shop around for apps and games to
enhance your device
48 Play Games
Challenge friends, play online and
compare high scores in Play Games
50 Play Music
Get started with streaming and shopping
for new tunes in Android
52 Play Movies & TV
Turn your device into a mobile TV with
the host of great content available
54 Play Newsstand
Read magazines and keep up to date on
news with Play Newsstand

“Get your device working exactly how you want it”

56 Play Books
Read everything from classic literature to
the latest bestsellers
58 Google+
Join the social networking phenomenon from Google
60 Google Maps
Never get lost again with the incredible Google Maps app
62 Google Earth
View your favourite landmarks and take a 3D tour of great sites across the globe
64 Google Drive
Share and edit documents via the cloud
66 Hangouts
Instant and group messaging has never
been more efficient than with Hangouts
68 Google Translate
Your one-stop solution when travelling
abroad, Translate is a great language tool
70 YouTube
Watch the best the internet has to offer

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