Functions Max Ms-Excel 2010 – 4

*** Make sure you have the Measurements spreadsheet open you created in the last chapter.


The cell highlighted is called B11. You can see the formula in the formula bar =SUM(B4:B10). You are going to try to enter the formula in another way.

*** Click in cell B11
*** Press the delete key.
*** Type =sum(
*** Now click in cell B4 and hold the left mouse button down while you drag down to cell B10.
*** Type ) to finish the formula.
*** Press Enter, Click in cell B11 again and the formula You will see now why we changed this formula.
The AVERAGE function

*** Click in cell B13
*** Type =average(
*** Click in cell B4 and drag down to cell B1.


Type ) to finish the formula

*** Press Enter. The answer will now appear


*** In cell C13 find the average weight in the same way.
*** In cell D13 find the average foot length.



MAX and MIN functions

*** Click on cell B15
*** Type =max( in the cell
*** Click in cell B4 and drag down to cell B10.
*** Type ) to finish the formula.


*** Press Enter. The Answer will appear.
*** Complete the other formulas in row 15.


*** Use the Min function to find the minimums.


What if?

What if you needed to add another person to your list? The first thing we would need to do would be to add another row.

*** Click in the row header for row 10 with the right click of the mouse.


*** In the menu that appears select insert. This will create a new row.
*** In this new row add these details David Rice for the name and 122 for the height.

You will notice that the max, min and average formula now has a green corner. This is because these formulas only include the cells B4 to B9 and does not include B10.


Excel is asking if you need to change the formula and the data has changed, which we do.

*** Alter the formula in the formula bar to include cell B14 for average.

*** Alter the formula in the formula bar to include cell C14 and D14 for weight and foot length.
*** Now add 60 for his weight and 24cm for his foot length.
*** You will need to change the formulas to include row 10.
*** Your spreadsheet should not look like this.


*** Please check your formulas in the formula bar, they should look like this.


*** Save your spreadsheet



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