Formula Max Ms-Excel 2010 – 2

The really good thing about Excel is when you start to use formulae. Using a formula Excel will make calculations for you automatically. To learn how to use formula in Excel, we will do a page of sums. We use these symbols in Excel.

+   add
–   subtract
*   multiply
/   divide
()  brackets are used whenever necessary



Create a worksheet to do calculations

***  Open a new Excel work book.
***  Type ADD in cell A1, SUBTRACT in cell C1, DIVIDE in cel E1, Multiply in cell G1.


***  Type all the numbers shown in te correct cells.


Selecting Cells to format

In order to change the look of certain cells by making the grid lines bold or to change the font, you
must select the cells.

***  To make a change to the whole workbook select the tope left header.

Selecting Cells to format

***  To make a change to a whole column select the header for the column.

Selecting Cells to format2

***  To make a change to a whole row, select the row header.

Selecting Cells to format3

***  Select cel A1 and hold down the left mouse button.

Selecting Cells to format4

***  Drag the mouse across cells A1 to G1

Selecting Cells to format5

***  Press the Bold button on the home tab to show the menu ribbon to change the font.

Selecting Cells to format6

***  Select the Cell A4 and hold down Ctrl, while you have Ctrl held down select C4, E4 and G4.

Selecting Cells to format7

***  Select the small arrow next to the border button to show a small drop down menu.

Selecting Cells to format8

***  Select option to have a top and thick bottom border

Selecting Cells to format9

This gives a neat finish to the area for your calucations.

Selecting Cells to format10

***  Now we are going to Save our Workbook. Call the file Formula.

Selecting Cells to format11

***  Click on Save.

Entering the Formula

We are going to use the cell references.

***  Click in cell A4
***  Type an equals sign = to tell Excel that you are going to use a calculation/formula

Selecting Cells to format12

***  Then type a2+a3 so that the formula looks like this;

Selecting Cells to format13

***  Press Enter and the answer will appear
***  In cell C4 type =c2-c3 and press enter

Selecting Cells to format14

***  In cell E4 type =e2/e3 and press enter

Selecting Cells to format15

***  In cell G4 type =g2*g3 and press enter

Selecting Cells to format16

***  Your worksheet will now look like this;

Selecting Cells to format17

Automatic re-calculation

The best main thing about spreadsheet is that once you have entered the formula, yu can
change the contents of the other cells and answers will still be right.

***  Change cell A2 to 175

Automatic re-calculation

***  Delete the contents of cells c2 and c3. Select each cell and press the delete key.
Now what is the answer in cell C4?

Automatic re-calculation2

***  What is 60 divided by 2? Use your spreadsheet to find out.

Automatic re-calculation3

***  What is 1.85 x 2.99? Type 1.85 into cell G2 and 2.99 into cell G3

Automatic re-calculation4

Entering formula by pointing

You use the mouse to point to the cells in the formula instead of typing in a formula.
***  Change the numbers on the worksheet to be like this

Entering formula by pointing

Delete the formula in Row 4.

***  Click in cell A4 and press delete.
***  Click in cell C4 and press delete.
***  Click in cell E4 and press delete.
***  Click in cell G4 and press delete.
***  In cell A4 type = and then click the mouse  in cell A2.

Entering formula by pointing2

***  Type + and the click the mouse in cell A3.

Entering formula by pointing3

***  Press Enter
***  Try to enter the other formula in the same way
***  When you have finished save your workbook again.

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