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The Android Device Manager app will work on any Android device that you are logged into with your Google account name and password. So if you’ve lost a device, you can run the app on another one to help track it down. All of the available devices are listed on the main map screen, so tap the menu arrow under the name of the currently located
device to find the one you are missing.

Select another device from the dropdown menu

Note that services such as Lock and Erase won’t work unless you have previously set them up on the missing device, so you need to do this as a priority whenever you set up a new device. If you have your other device to hand, locate it through the Android Device Manager app on your secondary device and by tapping the ‘Set up Lock & Erase’ option, you can send a notification to the other device to quickly grant permissions for these two features to be set up. Once you have done this, refer to the app on your secondary
device and then options to Lock and Erase will become apparent.

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