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If you store peoples’ addresses in your People app then clever integration with Google Maps means that you can tap on one to see and navigate to it in Google Maps.

If you store peoples’ addresses in your People app then clever integration with Google Maps means that you can tap on one to see and navigate to it in Google Maps. While on a contact’s page where they have an address listed, simply tap on the address and the Google Maps app will be automatically launched and take you right there. If you then intend to visit the person you can tap on the location name in Google Maps and get directions there from your current location, as well as other useful information such a journey time and turn-by-turn directions. The fact that Google’s core apps are linked together means that you can do all of this in just a few simple taps.

While on a contact’s page where they have an address listed, simply tap on the address and the Google Maps app will be automatically launched and take you right there. If you then intend to visit the person you can tap on the location name in Google Maps and get directions there from your current location, as well as other useful information such a journey time and turn-by-turn directions. The fact that Google’s core apps are linked together means that you can do all of this in just a few simple taps.

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