English-Tutorial-3: MATLAB-2013a OVERVIEW


MATLAB is working with three types of windows:

  1. Command window.
  2. Editor window.
  3. Figure window.

I will show to you all of windows MATLAB software version 2013a.

Command window:

When you run this program by default command window will be show fast time. You can change this windows type by clicking Layout option. Here you can do run your trial code. In the command window you can’t edit your codes. Also command windows will show to your all of result about your data applications.




Editor window:

By clicking New Script you the editor window will be open.  Here you can simulate your permanent codes of your applications/ projects. And you can edit your codes anytime on Editor Window.




Figure window:

Figure window actually will show to you the figure of your application/ projects simulation. You can see this window is empty, it will be shown when you run your main code.




There are three types of code are working with MATLAB.

  1. C
  2. C++

We will familiar with MATLAB programming language. Now we will working with basic Plotting, Function, Matrix and Data handling.

Data: For basic familiar with data managing you need to know the special arithmetic operator in the MATLAB. They are +, -, *, / and .


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