Edit the photos taken ANDROID TIPS

Edit the photos taken Edit your photos in the Gallery app ANDROID TIPS

Using your Gallery app, you can select an image and then use the pencil icon to start editing (to either enhance or add effects).

Editing images can enhance your photos
Editing images can
enhance your photos

From the resulting interface you will find that the image appears at the top with four icons at the base. The first of these icons will allow you to add filters, such as Vintage (a preview of the effect will be shown when a filter is chosen. Alternatively, you can use the second icon to add fancy frames to your image. When choosing the third icon, you are
presented with four extra choices, including Crop.

The latter is ideal for removing parts of the image you don’t want. All you have to do is drag the circles to the desired crop location and then tap the tick icon to apply the change. Finally, the last icon is useful if you want to adjust the contrast or exposure levels; you simply tap the required option and then use a handy slider to get the desired effect. When you have finished editing, just tap the Save option at the top.

Source: Android Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Volume 8 © 2014 Imagine Publishing Ltd
ISBN 978-1910155035

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