Designing A Power Supply 5 Volt To 10 Amp Output Design Using Op Amp


This design uses the TL594 integrated circuit based on the following parameters:

  • VO = 5 V
  • VI = 32 V
  • IO = 10 A
  • f = 20 kHz Switching Frequency
  • VR = mV peak-to-peak (Vripple)
  • ΔIL = 1.5 A Inductor Current Change


The 32 V de power source for this supply uses a 120 V input, 24 V output transformer rated at 75 VA. The 24 V secondary winding feeds a full-wave bridge rectifier followed by a current limit resistor (0.3 ohm) and two filter capacitors, as shown in Figure 6-19.

Figure 6-19. Input Power Source

The output current and voltage are determined by the following equations.

The 3A/50 V full-wave bridge rectifier meets these calculated conditions. Figure 6-20 illustrates the switching and control section.