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In this section you can read about the simple circuit breaker and type of that. Actually without current in our environment we can’t improve. But any back of good works have some error that can damage our working principle. We know any device need a minimum and maximum current. When the current will be go out of that rang, our running circuit device will be damage. For that solution scientist Thomas Edison in 1879 invented a current breaker. When the current will be out of range this current breaker will be open at this same time. So current flow will be closed and device will have good. Actually this current breaking system is now known as circuit breaker.

Some picture of circuit breaker:Definition of a circuit breaker and categoryDefinition of a circuit breaker and category

Definition of a circuit breaker and categoryDefinition of a circuit breaker and category

Definition: A circuit breaker is a mechanism, which through a overload current will be release by a simple device. This device is called circuit breaker.

In a single device the circuit device fulfill the following function:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Motor protection
  • Protection of connecting leads
  • Protection of installation
  • Tripping indication
  • Remote switching
  • Disconnecting

*** Especially the circuit breaker have a capability of Interrupting short-circuit current. By the way basically fist time it’s divided into two category with breaking capacity:

  1. Current zero interrupting circuit breaker.
  2. Current limiting types of circuit breaker.

Another way second time it’s have divided by the over-current characteristics:

  1. Current breaking for motor protection.
  2. Current breaking for the safe of circuits and device installation.

Some important abbreviation of circuit breaker:

  • ACB : Air circuit breaker.
  • CB : Circuit breaker.
  • MCB : Miniature circuit breaker.
  • MCCB : Moulded case circuit breaker

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Written By: Md. Saiful Islam Sohel

Dept of B.Sc in EETE –  Dhaka International University

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