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Data collection options for simulation profiles

Use the Data Collection tab of the Simulation Settings dialog box to restrict the captured simulation data. This is especially useful for large circuit designs that produce more data than you need for waveform analysis.

You can also set the probe data accuracy from this tab. By default, probe data has 64-bit accuracy but you can choose a lower 32-bit accuracy.

Data collection options for simulation profiles

You can choose to apply the options in the table below to apply to Voltages, Currents, Power, Digital or Noise data. For more information on setting these options, click Setting data collection options.

Data Collection Options

Option Description
All All data will be collected and stored. (This is the default setting.)
All but InternalSubcircuits All data will be collected and stored except for internal subcircuits of hierarchical designs (top level data only).
At Markers Only Data will only be collected and stored where markers are placed.
None No data will be collected.

Waveform data file format option

Select the Save data in the CSDF format (.CSD) check box to save the waveform data file in the ASCII Common Simulation Data Format instead of in the default binary format.

Probe Data accuracy options

By default, the probe data has 64-bit accuracy. You can set the accuracy by selecting a different radio button for Probe Data. A 64-bit accuracy setting ensures that the output does not have ramps. For example, when a small amplitude voltage is superimposed on a large amplitude voltage, the resolution might be lost, resulting in ramps.

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