Cut, copy & paste Move or copy text between apps ANDROID TIPS

To cut or copy any text, you must first select it. In most apps (such as Chrome), you select text by long-pressing. That will then reveal two sliders to set the beginning and the end of the selection. While selecting, a menu bar will appear at the top of the screen with icons for the copy, cut and paste tools.

To cut or copy any text, you must first select it. In most apps (such as Chrome), you select text by long-pressing. That will then reveal two sliders to set the beginning and the end of the selection. While selecting, a menu bar will appear at the top of the screen with icons for the copy, cut and paste tools. When you are in a text editing box (eg the address bar in Chrome, or the text entry field in Messaging), long-press on empty space and you will get the option to paste text. To copy text messages, long-press to copy the full text (partial copying is not possible).
Long-press on text to highlight it, then copy or cut it

When you are in a text editing box (eg the address bar in Chrome, or the text entry field in Messaging), long-press on empty space and you will get the option to paste text. To copy text messages, long-press to copy the full text (partial copying is not possible).

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