Creating a Form Max Ms-Excel 2010 – 7

In this chapter you are going to create a form to use to collect data about many different fruits and vegetables are eaten by people in a group.

*** Open the Spreadsheet called Measurements created in Chapter 3 and 4.

Creating a Form


Naming the worksheets;

We are going to rename the sheets. By default Excel will create Sheet 1 Sheet 2 and Sheet 3. You can see the tabs at the bottom of your screen or workbook.

Creating a Form2

*** Right click on the Sheet 1 tab, you will now see a menu appear.

Creating a Form3

*** Select Rename form the menu, Excel will highlight Sheet 1.

Creating a Form4

*** Type the new name of Measurements.

Creating a Form5

*** Press Enter

*** Now rename Sheet2, call it Fruit and Veg.

Creating a Form6

*** Press Enter once you have type the new name in.


Copy data between sheets

*** Create a new Title for this sheet in cell A1.

Creating a Form7

*** Click on the Bold button.

*** Make Column A width enough for the title.

Creating a Form8

*** Click on the Measurements tab to return to the first sheet.

*** Select Cells C1 to F1.

Creating a Form9

*** Click on the copy button on the home tab

Creating a Form10

*** Click on the Fruit and Veg sheet tab to go to the second sheet.

*** Click in cell D1 to make it an active cell

Creating a Form11

*** Click on the paste button

Creating a Form12

*** Copy cells A3 to A18 from the Measurements sheet to the same cells on the Fruit and Veg sheet in the same way.

Creating a Form13

*** In cell B3 type Monday

*** Click in the row header for row 3

Creating a Form14

*** Click on Bold

Creating a Form15


Filling a series

*** Click in cell B3.

Creating a Form16

*** Click on a drag the little black square in the bottom right hand corner of the cell.

Creating a Form17

*** Drag it to cell F3. This is called the Fill handle.

Creating a Form18

*** Excel will predict what you want in those cells.

Creating a Form19

*** Double click between the column headers D and E to widen the column D

Creating a Form20

*** Your Spreadsheet should look like this.


Increasing the row height

*** Click the row header for row 4 .

Creating a Form21

*** Drag down to row 10 to select all these rows

Creating a Form22

*** Position the pointer anywhere between one of the selected rows.

Creating a Form23

*** Drag the line down to make the height about 28 or 29 pixels high.
*** Save your spreadsheet.


Adding cell borders

*** Click on the file Tab and select Print.

Creating a Form24

At the moment the form is not really suitable for filling in by hand. It needs some borders around each cell so that you can see which column and row you are in.
*** Click on the Home tab.

*** Select cells A3 to F10

Creating a Form25

*** Click on the down arrow next to the Borders button, a menu will appear.

Creating a Form26

*** Select the border option to add all borders.

Creating a Form27

*** Your spreadsheet should now look like this

Creating a Form28

*** Save your spreadsheet.

Merging and centering cells

You are going to add a heading which we are going to centre across the top row.

*** Select row headers 1 and 2

Creating a Form29

*** Right click on the mouse and select insert.

Creating a Form30

*** This will add 2 new rows, as we had highlighted 2 rows.

Creating a Form31

*** Type Data Entry Form in cell A1 and press enter

Creating a Form32

*** Select cells A1 to F1

Creating a Form33

*** Click on the Merge and centre button on the Home tab.

Creating a Form34

*** This will make the heading look like this.

Creating a Form35

*** Make the heading in cell A1 Bold font size 18 point.

Creating a Form36

Check that the row height has increased; you may need to do this yourself.


Aligning text and number

We are going to move the headings for Monday Tuesday etc. right aligned, that means it will line up
on the right side of the cell.

*** Highlight cells B5 to F5

Creating a Form37

*** Click on the Align right button

Creating a Form38


Setting the print area

You may need to change the orientation of the page from portrait to landscape. To do this click on the
page layout tab.

*** Click on orientation.

Creating a Form39

*** Select landscape from the menu that appears.

Creating a Form40

*** Click on the File tab and select the Print option to view the page in Print Preview.

Creating a Form41

*** Click on the home tab

*** Select cells A1 to H12

Creating a Form42

*** Click on the Page Layout tab.

Creating a Form43

*** Click on the Print Area button and select Set Print Area.

Creating a Form44

This will set the area that you have selected to be the only area that will print out. Your Fruit and Veg worksheet should now look like this.

Creating a Form45

*** Now click on the File tab and select the print option to view the Print Preview of your worksheet.

Creating a Form46

*** You may want to print the form out to see what it looks like on paper or just click on the home tab.

*** Save you spreadsheet


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