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Creating a new simulation profile

A simulation profile (*.SIM) saves your simulation settings for an analysis type so you can reuse them easily.

You can create a new simulation profile from scratch or import the settings from an existing simulation profile. Importing settings from existing simulation profiles allows you to reuse the settings from other simulation profiles.

You can use PSpice, to create a new simulation profile by importing settings from a simulation profile that exists in the same project or in another project. Previous versions of PSpice allowed you to import settings only from a simulation profile that exists in the same project.

Creating new simulation profile
Creating new simulation profile

To create a new simulation profile

From the File menu in PSpice, point to New and choose Simulation Profile to display the New Simulation dialog box.
In the Profile Name text box, type a name for the profile (such as the name of the analysis type for the new profile).
In the Inherit From an Existing Profile text box, enter the name of another profile to import its settings into the new profile. You must enter an existing profile name in this text box or click browse to select an existing profile.
Click Create to create the profile and display the Simulation Settings dialog box.

See the following topics for information on the settings in the tabs in the Simulation Settings dialog box:

General tab General simulation settings for simulation profiles
Analysis Analysis settings for simulation profiles
Configuration Files Library settings for simulation profiles

Stimulus settings for simulation profiles

Include files settings for simulation profiles

Options tab Options for simulation profiles
Data Collection tab Data collection options for simulation profiles
Probe window Probe windows settings for simulation profiles

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